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To foster price stability, sustainable economic growth, and sound financial system in the Republic of South Sudan through excellent regulatory framework, monetary and exchange rate operations, advisory and banking services

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Bank of South Sudan, Recent News and Press Release

IMF delegation concludes South Sudan’s visit with hopeful note

Juba, 28 March, 2022–The International Monetary Fund (IMF) team chief said on Friday at a ...


Press Release ...

Invitation to Tender of Term Deposit Facility

The Bank of South Sudan intends to Auction the sum of 2,000,000,000.00 SSP (Two Billion ...

About the Bank of South Sudan

The Bank of South Sudan is the central bank of the Republic of South Sudan established by an Act of Parliament known as the Bank of South Sudan Act, 2011. The bank is fully owned by the Government of South Sudan as an independent corporate legal entity whose primary objective is to maintain monetary and domestic price stability. The secondary objective is to maintain financial system stability.

According to the Bank of South Sudan Act Chapter III, Article 14(a), the Board of Directors (BODs) is the highest policy and decision-making body and is chaired by the governor. The Board is composed of nine members, three executive members, and six non-executive members. The Executive members of the Board are the governor and two deputies. The Board meets regularly every quarter to deliberate on bank policy issues or during an extraordinary meeting when pressing issues arise. View the BODs

The Bank’s top and senior management consists of the governor, two deputies, and the three directors general. The top management is charged with implementation of the policies approved by the Board and the overall management of the Bank.  View Management

The Bank of South Sudan (BSS) is pleased to share with the public this reports on macroeconomic developments in the country . Read more